Sky Engine now on GitHub


31 May

That's right! You can now find the Sky Engine live on my GitHub.

I shall be updating it as time goes on. Currently the Engine is on version 0.9.5, as there are still a fair few things that need to be done before it reaches the elusive v1.0~

Sky Engine is a basic 2D Games Engine for use with Android Development, programmed in Java. It is still currently under development, but a lot of the engine exists to be able to create basic games.

The Engine utilises the Android Canvas to draw shapes, sprites and text to the screen.

Sky Engine has been designed to have an almost XNA feel and approach, where after initially creating the thread and surfaces with the main Activity itself; all game functions are placed in a class that should implement StageInterface. This brings forth methods such as:

  • load
  • handleInput
  • update
  • draw

(Which may look familiar if you have used XNA before).

To round things off, I am currently writing up a quick and basic tutorial of how to use the Sky Engine; so expect to see that on here soon. I am having to write it up inbetween writing my current game, so it may take a little longer than expected.

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