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Hi there, I'm Matthew Kelly!

I am a Games and Software development enthusiast, particularly in C#/XNA and Java/Android. My preferred area of study is Theoretic and Applied Computational Geometry. Currently I'm seeking to go back to University to study for my MSc into Advanced Computer Science.

I attended the University of Manchester where, in July 2011, I obtained an Honorary Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Majoring in Algorithms, Artifical Intelligence, and Computer Graphics.

I have been developing games and software for over 8 years, starting out with a language called DarkBASIC; later progressing into what I normally use everyday now: C# and Java. As of late I've become an avid developer of Andriod apps, particulary games (Cadaeic Studios). I also happen to be developing my own engines:

  • Sky Engine (Android)
  • Hydrion Engine (XNA)
  • Llama Engine (Multi-platform, C++)

One thing I have always wanted to program is an interpreter for my own language. I have dabbled with one a little bit, but I will do one properly eventually. Even if it's just for a basic While-language.

Over the years I have also made 'Add-ons' for World of Warcraft using LUA; one generally just for me, as I wrote it because my brother never paid attention to the chat-box. The others were more global, one such one helped with quest-tracking - something Blizzard have yet to integrate into their quest-tracking!

I also happen to be a fairly keen gamer (I mentioned Warcraft, that should have said something, eh?). Sadly, I've stopped playing Warcraft, and am currently awaiting for Guild Wars 2. My favourite game series of all time is definitely Command and Conquer (Tiberian Sun, out of all of them).

Speaking of games, here's some widgets some of you may find useful!

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